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Proba helps facilitate easier access to carbon finance, which can accelerate climate action, secures funding from ECG Ventures.

Proba, a pioneering service provider that transforms climate actions into tradable assets by issuing tradable carbon certificates, is thrilled to announce that it has secured funding from ECG Ventures. This investment will advance Proba’s operations, expand its clientele, and reinforce its mission to motivate collective action towards net-zero emissions.

“The carbon credit market resonates deeply with our fund’s impact-driven mission,” stated Jacco Zuijdweg from ECG Ventures. “The Proba platform adeptly turns decarbonization actions into concrete value.”

In its quest to catalyze meaningful climate actions, Proba is centered on simplifying and rewarding businesses for their proactive sustainability measures. By issuing credible carbon certificates compliant with esteemed carbon accounting guidelines and voluntary carbon market (VCM) standards, including the GHG Protocol, SBTi, and ISO 14064, Proba offers the transparency and credibility businesses need to confidently spotlight their environmental commitments. This, in turn, gives organizations the ability to convert CO₂ reduction or removal efforts into a separate ‘product’ that co-finances sustainability projects and enhances supply chain relationships.

“ECG Ventures has always been impressed by the Proba team and their dedication to the cause. Their platform, in its promise and scalability, stands out in the carbon credit landscape with its added synergy with other ECG ventures to create more impact, ” added the ECG Ventures representative.

“We’re super happy with the collaboration with ECG Ventures. We feel that ECG Ventures shares our passion and our vision to build a company and an ecosystem that can have a significant impact on how we can support supply chains to accelerate their efforts to reduce their climate impact. ECG Ventures proves to be a real partner in this.”, said Sijbrand Tieleman, CEO and co-founder at Proba.